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Hi I’m Lisa the founder of Intune by design. 

My clients have often said I go above and beyond for them and I have an intuitive nature.
This is how Intune by Design was created! 

A design studio with set intentions towards helping small businesses flourish. Creating design resources to help you align with your ideal clients, which will increase growth, visibility, reach and interactions. 

At Intune by design I offer a tailored approach to crafting brand concepts and impressionable identities. 

My services; bespoke branding, logo design, social media start up, content creation, social media styling, e-commerce build and informative website design. 

When your branding is making a difference, creating experiences and relations, You attract the right people that resonate with you and your brand. 

If you would love to find out more please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Let’s create something amazing! 

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